Kristine & Curtis never really knew what they were getting themselves into when they decided to have an outdoor September wedding. In Alberta, we generally will have beautiful weather with a mixture of colour and sun – but that was not the case this year. Luckily for me, Kristine & Curtis were in great spirits right from the moment I arrived (even though it had been snowing and raining for the 24 hours prior to the wedding day, and was still misting). No, the rain did not stop – and no, it did not warm up. It didn’t matter what the weather was like – the wedding was going to happen regardless, and we decided to make the best of it!

Kristine & Curtis never complained about the cold, or getting wet. Instead, they cuddled into each other and we had a fantastic day of photographing! Although there were many things that were less than ideal, their reception venue and DIY decor was absolutely perfect.

Vendors that made this day possible:

Photographer: Amy Moedt, Owner/Photographer at RedTree Photography

Bridal Gown: Bailando Boutique

Designer: Milla Nova

Bridesmaid Dresses: Davids’s Bridal

Designer: Reverie

Hair: Kick Hair & Body

Makeup: Makeup by Chelsea

Groom: Custom Suit from Indochino

Flowers: Bonnie Doon Flowers

Officiant: Leigh Bornn & Colette Orieux, Westwood Unitarian Church

Decor: DIY

Live Band: The Retrofitz

Cake: DIY

Special Mentions:

I grew up on that acreage (from being brought home from the hospital until I moved in with Curtis). The venue did not exist when we got engaged two years ago.
Almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong. My sister-in-law missed the wedding because of an emergency c-section the day before, our ceremony site was in two inches of water a few hours before guests arrived (that path down the aisle was not planned, we called one of my bridesmaid’s boyfriends in a panic and got him to bring loads of woodchips to put down that morning), and our caterer says those were some of the harshest conditions they’ve ever dealt with at an event (their truck got stuck after dinner and we had to pull it out of the mud with a quad the next day). It was still an absolutely perfect day. – Kristine, bride
To hear about how they met, scroll to the bottom of the blog post!
Kristine & Curtis opted to do a “first look” where they would see each other for the first time before the ceremony, and we would take all of their formals before their guests arrived! It was definitely a smart decision, since the day got even colder after the ceremony!
After an emotional first look, we took some formals around the acreage – which was a stunning venue for a wedding!
Next, their bridal party met us by the shop for some bridal party formals!
Despite the cold, they had a tent wedding that was next to the house!
As I mentioned earlier in this blog – it got even COLDER after the ceremony. That north breeze was definitely getting nasty! Luckily, we only had a few more formals to do before going into the toasty indoors! Part of the surprise for the day was a party skirt that Kristine put on for the dancing! My favourite part was Curtis’ reaction to the skirt “HOW ARE WE GOING TO DANCE IN THAT??”
The reception entrance included their first dance!
How they met:  Online. Our first date was to Hudsons for wings (specifically very saucy ones to get the awkwardness of eating messy food together out of the way at the beginning) and then walking around Ikea; both Curtis’s idea. I was smitten from the first date; he says he was impressed when I paid for dinner on our second date. – Kristine, bride
Favourite Wedding Memories: 
He says seeing me for the first time in my dress. I say the comradery with the entire wedding party between photos as we were all freezing but still having a great time. – Kristine, bride


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