In the morning, I headed over to Melissa’s mom’s house for some getting ready photos with the ladies. By the time I arrived, Melissa already had her hair done, and her makeup was nearly finished. I cannot give enough credit to the ladies that made Melissa look so flawless – paired with her gorgeous strapless dress, she looked like a movie star.

After some photos with the ladies, I made my way over to the Messiah Luthern Church in Camrose, where Brandon and his guys were getting ready – and also where the ceremony would later be taking place.

When Melissa told me that she wanted to exchange letters but to not actually do a “first look”, I was ecstatic. I loved this unique idea of being able to share a moment together before the madness of the wedding day – but without actually missing that first look opportunity down the aisle of the church. I took Brandon outside, just behind the Messiah Lutheran Church, and then guided Melissa over to him while his eyes were closed. Finally, they exchanged their letters and enjoyed an intimate moment together.

The ceremony started nearly on time (which is quite the feat on a wedding day). I love photographing in this church; partially because my own parents were married in Messiah Lutheran (although that was back when they had the lovely red carpet), and because I love the large natural light spilling in through the windows on each side.

As a side note, I could not help but share a couple images of those adorable flower girls.

We ended up with a gorgeous sunny day, which was perfect for our formals at Mirror Lake.

After we sent the bridal party away, I was able to spend some time with just the bride & groom for some gorgeous formals at Mirror Lake.

We had some extra time before the couple had to head to the reception, so we decided to head to Starbucks! On Melissa & Brandon’s first date, they purchased some Starbucks and walked around mirror lake – so we felt that these images brought their love story full circle!

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