Winter is a beautiful time of year in my opinion – although everyone will not agree. It is my favourite time for engagement & couple photos, believe it or not! There is something so unique and beautiful about the colours that come with the winter season  – from the cool blue tones to the fresh fallen snow. Since the colouring of winter is so different from every other season, it is important to dress a certain way so as to really pop in the images! Here are a few tips as to what to wear to a winter photo session:

Dress Warm. This may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked by my couples when preparing for a winter photo session. Especially when we are photographing in the mountains, you need to be prepared for anything that the weather may throw at us. The number one most important thing is to keep your feet warm! Although heels are a great way to keep good posture for the ladies, make sure that you have space to fill those boots with some cozy winter socks! Is it blizzarding? Great! That’s how you get epic winter images!

Get Colourful. The last thing that you want to do for your winter session is to wear a black winter jacket. Yes, I know that most of us wear black jackets in the winter time, but it will not do you any favours when it comes to standing out in your images. You may want to consider looking for a solid coloured red, green, blue or really-any-colour-jacket-that-isn’t-black. When looking for a jacket that will look good in the images, keep your shape in mind. A lot of winter jackets make us look boxy – and although that doesn’t matter as much for the men – us women need to show off our curves. There are a lot of jackets out there that have a nice belt that can cinch in from the small of your back. This will help to give you a little more shape.

Get Formal. Even though the weather may not be warm, it is ALWAYS better to dress formally. Invest in a warm winter dress and some thick nylons that will protect you from the cool air. Nylons, or tights allow you to keep a nice shape while still staying warm! The ideal outfit would be something warm enough that you could take off your jacket between shots so that we can get some formal non-layered looks. The same goes for men.

Heels. For women, heels are the best way to keep a great posture, and to elongate our legs. If you have some cute winter boots with a heel, that is the ideal thing to look for. Depending on the location we choose together, you may want to stay away from stiletto heels – but as long as you can walk, I am happy! It’s always a good idea to bring a second pair of boots in case your first set get wet, or if we need to walk long distances and you need some flat shoes to get around.

Bring a Blanket. Do you have a nice blanket laying around at home? Bring it. The ideal blanket would be something big enough that both of you can sit on it, but also warm enough that you can wear it between shots and stay warm. If the blanket is cute enough, I will even include it in a few cozy cuddle-up images.

Solid is better. When it comes to outfits, solid colours are generally better. Stay away from neon colours, large graphics and logos. There are exceptions when it comes to graphics, but I always encourage my couples to send me images of their outfit choices before the day – just so that they are certain their clothing choices will work well.

Shoot in the snow. If it is snowing, your photos are guaranteed to be magical. It may be cold, but go out there anyway. You will not regret it.

Cute accents. If you have some really cute mittens, toques, scarfs – include them! Little pops of colour can look great in the images. And don’t worry – even if you are wearing mittens I will make sure to get some gorgeous ring shots!

More makeup. When it comes to your makeup, get it professionally done – if you can. Makeup artists know that you want darker makeup for photography, because it shows up lighter in camera. It is amazing what a little bit of professional makeup can do for your look! If you are a lipstick person, wear it! Coloured lips can be gorgeous against the snowy backdrop.

Follow me on Pinterest. If you are a visual person, like myself – check out my board dedicated to “what to wear to a photoshoot”. The link is here: https://www.pinterest.com/amyraemoedt/things-to-wear-to-a-photoshoot/.